Our company is home to a wide range of professions and profiles. The spectrum is broad!
Our economic sector, the size of our Group and its various subsidiaries offer our employees a wide range of career development prospects.
Our professions are divided into three main branches: service, industry and expert roles.

Managerial functions

Managerial functions comprise team management roles, working hand-in-hand with the field: profit centre manager, workshop manager, team leader, etc.
At Petit Forestier, all managerial functions work hand-in-hand with sales.


Working closely with our service departments, our technical staff (including mechanics, refrigeration engineers and panel beaters) maintain and repair all our products: vehicles, coldstores, display units, containers.


These functions cover roles responsible for prospecting customers, developing new markets and retaining existing customers: salesperson, sales manager, sales assistant, etc.

Administrative functions

Directly involved in keeping the company running smoothly, administrative functions cover a very wide range of professions: branch secretary, regional assistant, insurance assistant, recovery assistant, etc.

Operational functions

These include professions which are the essential cogs in the process of adding value to our offer: commercial operator, security guard, service attendant, etc.

The Petit Forestier Group has two production units which provide it with the additional industrial capabilities that are key to performing its specialised core business.

The jobs done at Lecapitaine (specialising in manufacturing and fitting refrigerated boxes) and Relec Froid (specialising in manufacturing refrigeration units) are specific to their economic sector. In addition to management and administrative professions, these two sites include specific functions.


Joiner, welder, boilermaker, unit fitter, production operative, team leader, pipe fitter, warehouseman, etc.

Project and support

Designer, engineering technician, R&D technician and engineer, quality coordinator, methods coordinator, logistics coordinator, methods technician, scheduler, etc.

This designation covers all support functions.
They are designed to serve our "internal clients" (network, subsidiaries, production sites, etc.) by providing them with all the necessary expertise.

They cover all the jobs in the different departments: purchasing, insurance, sales, management control and auditing, communications, accounting, human resources, finance, real estate, IT, international, logistics, risk, technical, etc.